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icon tikPOLYFROTH IF is proprietary designed formulations for Iron Sulfide Ore Flotation. Alternative/ replacement for MIBC Frother.


POLYFROTH IF is a complex of alcohols and polyglycol ethers. POLYFROTH IF frother is a completely water-soluble alcohol-Polyglycol Ether type frother.

POLYFROTH IF is proprietary designed formulations for Iron Sulfide Ores Flotation.

POLYFROTH IF High Recovery Rate. Eco-friendly. Fast Shipping. Easy to Operate. Get More Details! 90%+ Recocery Rate. Convenient Operation. Quick Recycle. Convenient Storage. Professional Manufacturer.

POLYFROTH IF used as the frother of the flotation for copper, lead Zinc, molybdenum and gold mineral, non-sulfide ores, non-metallic mineral and with strong and iron sulfide ores stabile foam both with certain collector, especially having visible collector effects on talc sulfur graphite, molybdenite and cool minerals.


Technical Data


Clear, Colorless to Pale Yellow Liquid

Active Substance (ca.)


Chemical Description

Complex of Alcohols and Polyglycol Ethers



  • bubble orange hiPOLYFROTH IF is proprietary designed formulations that used as the frother of the flotation for Iron Sulfide Ores.
  • bubble orange hiPOLYFROTH IF is a clear, colorless liquid, alternative/ replacement for MIBC.
  • bubble orange hiIt can be compared with ”MIBC” in its applications.
  • bubble orange hiPOLYFROTH IF is used as a frother in the flotation process in the mining of ores, such as copper and molybdenum sulfide, lead, zinc, nickel, tungsten, silver, gold, as well as coal and etc.
  • bubble orange hiPOLYFROTH IF is applied together with DOWFroth 200, DOWFroth 250, DOWFroth 400 & POLYFROTH A promoter to increase selectivity and recovery.
  • bubble orange hiIn mining frother applications, POLYFROTH IF is used in the ppm range, with usual concentrations less than 1000 ppm and in many cases in the hundreds of ppm range (100-600 ppm).
  • bubble orange hiDosage rate of POLYFROTH IF depends on ore type¸ grinding size and water. quality. The dosage is usually between 10 to 40 grams per tons.



  • icon tikExcellent kinetic recovery with improved equilibrium recovery.
  • icon tikCompared to other frothers, POLYFROTH IF product offers fast kinetics and excellent selectivity, and it forms dry but easy-to-break froths increasing both the yield and the efficiency of mineral and metal recovery efforts. This technique results in an industry-leading way to separate valuable minerals from extracted ore.
  • icon tikPOLYFROTH IF does not cause adverse health or environmental effects at levels typically found in the workplace or in the environment.
  • icon tikAlthough most commonly frothers used inalkaline flotation, POLYFROTH IF is being used in both acidic and alkaline flotation system from pH 4 to 12. Basic.


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