Mining Chemicals

FMC Company is a manufacturer and marketer of specialty mineral processing reagents. With more than 20 years’ experience in the mining industry, we have a track record for introducing innovative new products to market.
Our mineral processing reagents are used to extract Base and Precious Metals, Industrial Minerals, Phosphates, Copper, Zinc, Lead, Gold, Nickel, Iron Ore, Sulfide Ores, Non Sulfide Ores Mineral Sands and Coal.

Our reagents for mineral flotation include POLYCOL series Collectors, POLYFROTH series Frothers, POLYDEP series Depressants.

FMC produce a new range of High Quality Emulsifiers for Bulk and Cartridge Emulsion Explosives, include ANFO Mul Series Explosive Emulsifiers.
We are also a supplier of reagents for Coagulation, Dewatering, Defoaming and Corrosion Inhibitors. Solutions include POLYFLOC series Coagulants, UNIDRY series Filter aids, UNIFOAM series Defoamers and UNIHIB series Corrosion Inhibitors.
As well as providing our mining customers with access to a portfolio of high performance chemistries, our Research and Development team can provide technical troubleshooting advice. We offer on-site laboratory test work and full plant scale reagent trials. We also have the ability to conduct mineral test programs in our fully equipped flotation laboratory.



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