Flotation Reagents

FMC produces and markets chemicals for froth flotation of minerals. Its strength lies in its ability to develop, together with mining companies, chemical formulations that are specific to individual operations. We concentrate on providing solutions to metallurgical problems by developing formulations of Mineral Collectors, Frothers and Depressants.
FMC offers flotation solutions for Sulfide and Non-Sulfide Minerals and Non-Metallic Ores, including Coal, to help mining operators improve recovery and operating efficiency by optimizing their froth flotation processes.


FMC produce specialty POLYCOL Collectors for the selective flotation of Metallic Minerals away from Pyritic, Sulfide Minerals. FMC also produces Specific Collectors for the flotation of industrial minerals, particularly Apatite, Phosphate, Fluorspar, Siliceous, Calcite and etc.
FMC produce and supplies a wide range of frother products. The FROTHER range of alcohol, glycol and glycol ether frothers is extended with POLYFROTH frothers, based on formulations of alcohols and glycols, which give frothers specific to different applications.

FMC supplies a range of Depressants. The use of depressants allows for higher precious metal recovery and grades and can improve the economics of downstream processing. POLYDEP is our series of polymeric depressants specifically engineered to counter the contaminating effects of naturally floating gangue minerals. POLYDEP selectively adsorbs onto the surfaces of the hydrophobic gangue minerals reducing their tendency to float in froth flotation processes. POLYDEP has proven itself effective in a wide range of mineral froth flotation processes, but is primarily used in sulfide mineral flotation (Ni, Cu and etc.).

FMC manufactures a Wide Range of High Quality Flotation Collectors, Flotation Frothers and Depressants for mineral processing.


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