Flotation Collectors

The role of collectors in mineral flotation is to selectively bind to the surface of target minerals and impart their particles with hydrophobic characteristics. This enhances their attachment to air bubbles generated in the flotation process and facilitates recovery in the froth concentrate. We have several specialty collectors that effectively aid the recovery of desirable minerals.
FMC has two production units: one supplying Xanthate Collectors and the other producing all our Formulated Products. Other mining chemicals are produced under FMC technology.
FMC flotation collectors are marketed under POLYCOL trade names. FMC flotation collectors can help improve your work with any of the following application areas:
bubble orange hiSulfide minerals
bubble orange hiNon-sulfide minerals
bubble orange hiNon-metallic ores including coal, potash and etc.

Our experts concentrate on specific ore applications such as:
bubble orange hicopper and other sulphide ores
bubble orange hiiron ore
bubble orange hiphosphate, Apatite, dephosphorization, potash, calcite, silica sands, coal and etc.

For the process of froth flotation, FMC supplies a range of POLYCOL S Series Collectors. These include standard thio collectors (Xanthates, Dithiophosphates and Thionocarbamates).
FMC Mining Solutions POLYCOL Series Collectors are formulated to achieve the best possible recovery and grade in your ore froth flotation for Non-sulfide minerals and Non-metallic ores including coal, potash and etc.



Sulfide collectors.


Specialty collectors used in the flotation of non sulfides, in particular apatite, phosphate, fluorspar, siliceous, calcite and etc.


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