Flotation Frothers

Through our comprehensive POLYFROTH range of flotation frothers we can offer alcohols, glycol ethers, polyglycols and proprietary blends that improve mineral recovery and efficiency of flotation.

The POLYFROTH series is a comprehensive range of specialty frothers offered by FMC Performance Products. The POLYFROTH series aims to deliver the full spectrum of frother properties (e.g., selectivity, water solubility and diffusion kinetics) and strengths required in mineral and coal mining applications. This is achieved by combining earlier frothers with new technologies, as well as utilizing innovative new product development. This special range of frothing properties and selectivity provides application and performance benefits in a wide range of flotation situations. As a group, they offer high metallurgical grades with low water carry-over into the concentrate.

The POLYFROTH frothers are typically easily dispersible in water and have a low volatility that gives very good froth persistence. When compared to other frothers, they have a low level of toxicity and odor and are mostly non-flammable. The greater froth persistence, together with higher water solubility of selected frothers in the POLYFROTH series, can offer the option of a simpler single point addition although multiple addition points can often be more effective. Client feedback indicates that overall dose rates can be much lower than with alcohol- or glycol ether-based frother chemistries.

Our POLYFROTH frother series offers the full spectrum of frother strengths and properties (e.g., selectivity, water solubility, diffusion kinetics) required in mineral and coal flotation applications. Lower VOC levels and reduced flammability are also provided when compared to common alcohol-based frothers.

FMC produce and supplies a wide range of frother products. The FROTHER range of alcohol, glycol and glycol ether frothers is extended with POLYFROTH frothers, based on formulations of alcohols and glycols, which give frothers specific to different applications.

FMC flotation FROTHERS are marketed under POLYFROTH trade names.



POLYFROTH M is a clear, colorless liquid, Alternative/ replacement for MIBC.


POLYFROTH A 65 is a clear colorless liquid, Alternative/ replacement for AEROFROTH Frothers.


POLYFROTH IF is proprietary designed formulations for Iron Ore Flotation. Alternative/ replacement for MIBC.

POLYFROTH CoalEX POLYFROTH CoalEX is innovative FMC frother for the coal flotation.


FMC have developed proprietary blends that have demonstrated excellent improvement in frothing capabilities. 




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