Explosive Emulsifiers

Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil (ANFO) emulsions are widely used in both bulk and cartridge emulsifier systems.
FMC's ANFO Mul emulsifiers for explosives produce highly stable emulsions, allowing them to be produced under relatively low shear conditions. The excellent compatibility of our product with a wide range of waxes and fuels used in bulk and packaged explosives. Furthermore, our ANFO Mul emulsifiers are very cost-efficient, give rapid viscosity development and are ideal emulsifier in bulk explosives when a rapid gassing rate is required.

Our range of emulsifiers offer the following benefits:

icon tikExcellent long term stability
icon tikProvides improved emulsion viscosity
icon tikCompatibility with mixed oxidiser systems

we produce a new range of High Quality Emulsifiers for Bulk and Cartridge Emulsion Explosives, include ANFO Mul Series Explosive Emulsifiers.
Explosive Emulsifiers are marketed under ANFO Mul trade name.

ANFO Mul 100 Bulk Explosive Emulsifier
ANFO Mul 100 is a new emulsifier applied in bulk emulsion explosives.

ANFO Mul 100 is recommended to be used at an amount of 1-2% in the production of the high-yield bulk emulsion explosives.

The emulsion explosive made of ANFO Mul 100 has more advantages than that made of other PIBSA based emulsifier, including:

1. Compatible with diesel fuel based emulsion explosives.
2. Excellent emulsifying performance.
3. Excellent water resistance.
4. Wide range of temperature as chemical foaming agent.
5. Easily pumped.
6. Adaptive to harsh transportation condition.
7. Reducing the frequency of cleaning the storage tank and the pipeline.


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