POLYFLOC Series Flocculants

Every mineral slurry exhibits a range of particle sizes and charge requirements. Optimum dosages can be achieved and overall performance improved by matching molecular weight and charge to the unique characteristics of the slurry. Our high quality POLYFLOC flocculants and coagulants are designed to improve your processes and lower your overall cost in a wide range of mineral processing applications.


High-quality polymers

We offer high-quality dry-powder flocculants that exhibit consistent quality and high active polymer content. Our proprietary sieving process serves to eliminate many dust fines and reduce human exposure and slippery residue in the maked own area. Together with our dry polymer process, which achieves high molecular weights, this often results in a cost savings.

FMC offers an extensive range of mineral processing reagents. The strengths of the  business are in solid/liquid separation and solvent extraction; however we also offer reagents for flotation, dispersing, agglomerating and others.

Our portfolio also includes high-performance flocculants. Our proprietary emulsion breaker and carrier systems result in reduced polymer emulsion settling rates and low formation of insoluble material.

FLOCCULANTS are marketed under POLYFLOC trade names. Suitable for flocculation of neutral to slightly anionic particles.




Anionic Flocculants


Cationic flocculants


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