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Coal is one of the world’s most important sources of energy, and is used by a variety of sectors including iron and steel production, cement manufacture and heating.
In the flotation of coal, FMC has high efficiency flotation reagents. The POLYDEP range of depressants is widely used in the control of siliceous gangue minerals. Collectors incloud POLYCOL CoalEX and Frothers incloud POLYFROTH CoalEX in this range are used in promoting flotation operations.
A new range of frother and collector formulations have been developed by FMC to achieve these objectives.

Innovative FMC Collectors for the coal industry
FMC POLYCOL CoalEX coal collectors have two major performance advantages: Improved dispersion through the pulp allowing more efficient collector performance, and the ability to tailor adsorption characteristics towards the less hydrophobic coal minerals. This leads to efficient collectors that more effectively adsorb to the partially hydrophilic surfaces present in difficult to float coals, and offer the ability to greatly increase yield and product quality at reduced dose rates.
FMC Manufactures and Supply a New Range of High Quality Collectors for Coal Flotation under POLYCOL CoalEX trade name.

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