POLYCOL S Series Collectors

For the process of froth flotation, FMC supplies a range of POLYCOL S Collectors. These include standard thio collectors (Xanthates, Dithiophosphates and Thionocarbamates).
xanthates, as the flotation collector with strong collection effect, is mainly used to enhance the hydrophobicity of the mineral surface to meet the requirements of flotation. Xanthate is commonly used in the flotation process of sulfide minerals.

POLYCOL S Series Collectors

Xanthate is a combination of alcohol, sodium hydroxide and carbon dioxide, which is an anionic collector. It is light yellow, soluble in water and has certain toxicity. Xanthate is a weak acid that is easily decomposed under high pH and high temperature conditions. There are many types of xanthate, and the common ones are ethyl xanthate, butyl xanthate and amyl xanthate. The flotation performance of xanthate is determined by its molecular structure. Generally, the longer the carbon chain in the xanthate molecule, the stronger its ability to collect. Conversely, the shorter the carbon chain, the weaker the ability to collect. Therefore, methyl xanthate has no practical value in the flotation because of its weak ability to collect. Generally, a xanthate having a carbon number of 2 or less in a hydrocarbon group is referred to as a “low-grade xanthate”, and a xanthate having a carbon number of more than 2 is referred to as a “high-grade xanthate”.

Xanthate is the most commonly used collectors for flotation of sulfide minerals. Low-grade xanthate is generally suitable for the collection of easily floatable sulfide ore. And, high-grade xanthate is suitable for the collection of sulfide ore and part of the oxidized ore that are difficult to float. Ethyl xanthate is a kind of low-grade xanthate with good selectivity, which is beneficial to improve the grade of concentrate, but its recovery rate is low. Butyl xanthate is a kind of high-grade xanthate with strong collecting ability and high metal recovery rate, but its selectivity is weak and may affect the grade of concentrate. In actual production, xanthate of different carbon chain lengths are often used in combination to achieve better results.

The following describes the application of xanthate in several common mineral flotation processes:



POLYCOL S Collectors




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